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Black Oxide is the conversion coating formed by a chemical reaction with the iron in the metal to form an integral protective surface. When parts are immersed in the alkaline aqueous salt solution operated at approximately 285 degrees F, oxidizing salts react with the iron to form magnetite 304, the black oxide of iron. This process adds 5-10 millionths to the surface of a part and penetrates the surface another 5-10 millionths. Contrasted to an applied coating which bonds to the metal but does not react chemically. A black oxide conversion coating is applied to ferrous alloys


Black Oxide metal finishing is provided at no charge, when we machine your parts. Available upon request. Black oxide cannot be produced over plated parts (zinc, nickel, chromium, cadmium, phosphate). This plating must be stripped prior to the black oxide process.

Other names for Black Oxide

  • Black Penetrate
  • Black Magic
  • Black’n
  • Gun Bluing 

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ISO 9001 Registered 

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